We help build your vision by building your profit because "purpose only exists in the context of profit" Conscious Capitalism.

       EngageBest provides net profit analysis with the most advanced custom approach with state-of-the-art AI software that cuts time by months to enable your success faster and greater than you have experienced until now.

Also, ask about our app to empower owners and investors with real-time 24/7 financial overviews & insights for easy viewing.

Grow profitability with key metrics and benchmarks


We will assess your net profit to rapidly and accurately to:

* Identify and rank your top and bottom areas of profitability.

* Reveal strategic insights to help guide your planning and operations.

* Help you make valuable personnel decisions to maximize talent resources.


Improve Employee Performance & Productivity for Greater ROI


Ask about our "NO change in your benefits" while increasing take-home pay, benefit plans that net you $300-500/employee per year after an automatic tax credit is applied.

Ask about our hospital bill waiver and deep discount advocacy service.

Ask about our other benefit programs to save money and raise productivity!

Fractional Strategic CFO/COO/CHRO/CTO/CMO Services


Ask about our fractional management consulting services for:

  • Financial analyses and reporting
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Business plans and modeling
  • Execution and actionable insights
  • Company valuation, due diligence, M&A and PMI

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